Pieces Parts

An 1860's seamstress. Gotta love that fabulous sewing machine.

An 1860’s seamstress. Gotta love that fabulous sewing machine.

Just a quick note today. The materials for the 1865 dress are finally coming together. Nothing crazy/exciting, but I’m glad the pieces and parts are starting to show up.

Fabric:  The fabric I ordered finally arrived at Reproduction Fabrics (it took 21 days for them to receive it) and it shipped today. I ordered two prints – one for the 1865 dress and one for a 1871 Victorian Early Bustle Period dress. Soon the washing machine will be humming away: I’m a pre-washer and have been ever since The Horrid Shrink and Pucker Disaster of  1998.

Headgear:  I received my straw bonnet in the mail. After wavering between low spoons, high spoons, wide spoons…it was just too much. Then I found an article that walked me through the evolution of the bonnet in the 1860’s. Thank goodness for that! Fortunately, I was able to find a supplier who has bonnets to accommodate my big head (at 23 1/4 inches I usually wear a man’s large – sheesh!).

I also have a flat-crowned, wide-brimmed (but not too wide) hat to use as a sun hat if necessary. It even has the front and back dips. Will have to research the trims and finishing, but at least they are here.

Pattern:  I was sure I had blown it and gotten a work dress pattern, which would have meant buying more patterns, which I didn’t want to do. Further hours spent trolling through museum collections, history websites, and period costuming websites ended happily when I realized the pattern was correct for a day dress with just a few very minor changes. Whew!