A New Blog Name is Born


It’s right there in front of me, why can’t I see it?

When I decided to create this blog and share my…uh…efforts at accurately re-creating period dress, I had one heck of a time naming it. The concept was right in front of me, but I couldn’t put it into words that would 1) give (potential) readers an idea of what it’s all about, 2) be catchy, and 3) be easy to remember. Seemed an easy enough thing to do.

It wasn’t.

I fiddled and faddled, twisted and tweaked, and massaged and massacred phrases trying to get the title just right. And nothing worked. No matter what I came up with, it didn’t succinctly focus on the content. Everything sounded clunky and amateurish (not desirable). So I chose what I felt was the least objectionable of the lot – Yesterday’s Threads Today – and went with it. But every time a wrote a post, every time I saw that name I winced – it just wasn’t right.

And then, bingo! My brain started knocking on my forehead – its way of telling me it’s had the puzzle on the back burner all this time, percolating away, and something has finally gelled. (So much better than congealed, as my previous efforts had been.)

All of which is an overly long and circuitous way of saying…

birthday balloons


Easy to say, easy to remember (hopefully), and fulfills my writer’s love of alliteration (just in case the third paragraph didn’t give it away). Awww…gosh…jeepers…it’s just what I wanted. <sniff>

PS: Anyone using the old site name should be directed here automatically.