Missed it by That Much

Teal Chintz Regency Gown (I don't have the date of construction)

Teal Chintz Regency Gown (I don’t any provenance.)

I just got paid and, as I feared, when I returned to the fabric store there was no more of the semi-sheer white stripe left. All that means is the dress will be 1) drawstring and not bib-front, and 2) closer to 1802 and not 1812. A simple round dress is much easier to hand-sew. Much easier to get the bodice fitting correct. And it gives me the opportunity to go all crazy-nutzoidal with color and pattern on the bib-front gown when I get to it.

However, that brings me back to the neckline issue. Fichu for sure. I like the way they look, both tucked into the bodice or worn more like a pelerine (which spell-checks to peregrine, which would be an unfortunate and somewhat dangerous fashion choice). Not sure how I’ll wear the fichu yet, but it’s most definitely going to be there.

The Bowes Museum - Womans Day Dress, ca. 1802

The Bowes Museum – Womans Day Dress, ca. 1802

I have my eye on a period Georgian brooch that would look very nice on a fichu worn outside, over the shoulders, like the white dress on the right. Don’t know if that was done, but it’s easy enough to find out.

The dining/cutting/sewing/writing table is cleared and we are ready to rumble.

In a proper, genteel and ladylike manner, of course.