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The Progression of American Fashion, 17 to 19

The Progression of American Fashion,  from the 18th century to 1930

Well, the scissors are snipping away here at WWJDISPTMOHOP (WhatWouldJaneDoIfShePutTooMuchOnHerOwnPlate) Central. Tomorrow will be the premiere of the first draft of the first fitting segments for the Regency Corset. (I know! I can barely contain myself, either!)

However, when I took a look at my calendar of self-imposed entertainment it occurred to me that some order would be beneficial. If not for me, then at least for someone with any amount of interest in what is – or is not – going on.

I have signed onto both the Historical Sew Fortnightly and I’m Accessorizing from Head-to-Toe challenges. I decided to do this for three reasons: 1) it would take me in directions I would probably not have been dragged into managed to discover on my own, 2) there are only four months left in the year and 4 is much less threatening than 12 (I hope), and 3) a number of the projects overlap, which is ideal for someone as lazy deeply committed to historical accuracy as myself.


#18: Re-make, Re-use & Re-fashion – due September 9.

#19: Wood, Metal, Bone – due September 23.

#20: Outerwear – due October 7th.

#21: Colour Challenge Green – due October 21.

#22: Masquerade – due November 4th.


Due in September 2013: Hats

Due in October 2013: Bags & Purses

Due in November 2013: Fans

Now it’s time for a bit of project wrangling.

The Oklahoma Wranglers (uh, no...)

The Oklahoma Wranglers (uh, no…)

Spark Wrangler by SteamScapes (yes!!)

Spark Wrangler by SteamScapes (yes!!)

The Fashion Wrangler’s Recipe: Gather together all projects and deadlines. Stir vigorously or, better yet, have someone else do it and let resulting mixture sit while you nap for as long as you’d like. Carefully encourage a crazy-looking woman in a non-era-specific green dress to hit it with 8 kabillion megavolts. Let sit until the partially vaporized areas have cooled enough so the soles of your shoes won’t melt, and VOILA!

HSF #18 (re-make/re-use) + AHTT September (hats) = tear apart an existing hat and make it a period accessory.

HSF # 19 (wood/metal/bone) = my Regency Long Stays.

HSF #20 (outerwear) + HSF #21 (green) + AHTT October (bags/purses) = green pelisse with complementary reticule.

HSF #22 (masquerade) + AHTT November (fans) = big fan to hide behind and/or flirt with.

That’s eight challenges wrapped together into five projects – every single one of them something I want to add to my period wardrobe. Who’d a thunk it?