The Road Most Avoided

Welcome to my world.  (Image by wikipedia-org)

Welcome to my world.
(Image by wikipedia-org)

I’ve been out of commission lately, hence the lack of recent posts. Details aren’t necessary, but they have kept me away from my Fiber Fantasy-land. Thursday I “donated” a few tubes of the red stuff and yesterday I spent some quality time with my head in an MRI machine. Results are pending (aren’t they always?).

Due to this…diversion…I’ve missed some self-imposed sewing deadlines, but I’m only competing against myself and the judge is very lenient at the moment.

I picked up the chemise this morning and am working toward to the finish line. The last time I wrote “and I’ll have it finished tonight” bad juju sprung up all over the place. So I won’t promise a finish tonight, just a closing in on. I also “amended” the project list to lighten the load.

The Regency long stays need a bit more needle time before I can determine exactly how many steel bones I’ll need and what type and size to order.

So it’s back to the…uh…past and you’ll be tormented once again with my “projectus interruptus” techniques. Oh, you lucky ducks.