A Quick Update on “Project Overload”

Maris Anderson -1893 (en.widipedia.org)

Maris Anderson -1893 (en.widipedia.org)

Note – I wrote this last night and, just after the last save, the power went out; hence the past tense.

After watching a series of self-imposed deadlines come and quietly wither away, I have finally realized that ambition is one thing but masochistic hallucination is something else entirely. I plead guilty to the latter.

Signing up for the sewing challenges was fun…until it dawned on me that kind of production does not fit in with the rest of my life. At least not at this time. And no magic fairy was gonna bail me out.

So, given that the year is flying by, I trimmed the “I’m going to make” list down to two events: a Jane Austin Tea and our local Holiday Tour of Victorian Homes. That will be more than enough to keep me…uh…engaged.

Regency Round-up:

Regency Chemise, as made by Sew Many Treasures on zibbet,

Regency Chemise, as made by Sew Many Treasures.

I’ve been messing around with the poor little chemise for an unbelievably long time. It should look like this one. It doesn’t. Yet.

I spent more time with it today. The neckline is bound and a lovely green drawstring ribbon is in place. The left sleeve is set in, gusseted, and hemmed. The side seam is nearly done – about 15 minutes more will finish it off. The right sleeve is set in and the gusset is pinned into place. It won’t take very long to finish it, so I have promised myself it will be done by the end of this week.

"Common Regency Corset" ca. 1810 - 1820.

“Common Regency Corset” ca. 1810 – 1820.

The corset should look like this, but it doesn’t, either. I have the fabric for all the layers. I get paid in 3 days, so I can order the metal boning and get the sewing machine cleaned and tuned. Then I can get the poor thing together, dive into eyelet nirvana and, hopefully, not drown.

I have a straw bonnet that I’ll decorate after I have the dress colors figured out. I have the muslin underdress. I have two pair of flats, one white and one in deep red- will choose color and embellishments based on the dress. I am knitting the (infamous) pineapple reticule and it is easier than I thought it would be. I want a fichu. And  pantalets to keep the drafts down. I am waffling between a spenser and a pelisse. The pelisse will be warmer for the December Tea, so I’m leaning heavily in that direction.

By the time it’s done My Regency Closet will, with a bit of luck and loads of determination, look something like this: