It’s Getting Better All The Time

I have finished another week of house- and dog-sitting. Same pack of three rescue dogs, same lot of behavioral issues. They do things like this (no animals were hurt, they’re all having a blast):

I end up like this: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Happily, everyone survived yet again. And I eventually stopped trying to chew my own foot off.

The office/fabric room is starting to look as if someone could actually work in it. (As opposed to its former appearance; retro post-apocalyptic.) Furniture needs to skooched around, but it’s an easy job…I put everything on temporary sliders.

The chemise may actually get finished fairly soon.


The beaded pineapple reticule (knit from a vintage pattern) is lookin’ good so far.

Those are size 2 needles.

Those are size 2 needles, ladies. Size 2. The size 1’s come later.

Remember that lovely white-on-white striped fabric that I bought so long ago? Well, I washed it to avoid deadly post-construction shrinkage. It laundered just fine. However, it dried into a wrinkled mess. Seriously. Wrinkled. So I whipped out my trusty Rowenta and figured I’d press it out. Nope. Steam it out. Nope. Spritz it with water and steam it out. Nope, nope, nope. Not only are the wrinkles steadfast, when ironed the fabric gets stiff enough that it doesn’t drape. It would look as if I’d be wearing a beautiful cardboard tube. Well, not quite that stiff, but you get my drift.

Fortunately, I have many years of experience with how my “creative” sewing works so I have back-up fabric, and back-up for the back-up. You’d think that would be overkill. All I can say is…it’s not.