Holy Holey Holes!

mendwaist 1As it turned out I did not finish patching the Victorian petticoat. Every time I hold up the “finished” product I find new holes. I’m not talking about little pin holes – I’m ignoring those. What I’m finding is pencil-sized or larger holes/tears and badly worn areas around the top of the waistband. If I didn’t know better, I could easily think the petticoat’s original owner was taken out with grape-shot.

The other little detail that I didn’t notice right off the bat is the stitches. Zillions of teeny tiny itty bitty hooray-we-have-a-sewing-machine stitches. That are sewn to make the elastic casing at the waist. That are imbedded in fragile antique fabric. And that need to be picked out one by one using the head of a very thin needle. Ask me how I know this.

mending photo2 demonic tiny stitches

There is a glimmer of hope that today is the end. The current count is 6 patches done, one in progress and – I believe – two more little ones to go.


And while it might have been easier to just sew a new petticoat from scratch, I love the fact that these beauties are still around. After all…

skeleton_smiling…when I’m 133 years old, holes will be the least of my worries!