HSF Challenge #1 is Done!

copyright Daisuke Tomiasu 2003

copyright Daisuke Tomiasu 2003

HSF Challenge #1 – Make Do and Mend – is finished. And there are still 8 more days left in the Challenge! This is definitely starting the new year off on the right foot.

I’ve taken care of the holes, rips and worn spots. I’m sure that I’ll find a few more of the little devils, but the really nasty ones have been repaired and mended. The poor ripped and shredded back waist, where the former elastic was (and future grosgrain ribbon will be) threaded, was in serious trouble. I finally decided to just punt and created a false placket to secure the edge all the way around. It ain’t pretty, but it’s sturdy and should stave off further deterioration.

And now *drum roll as excitement builds* the management presents a montage of Great Moments in Mending


2 thoughts on “HSF Challenge #1 is Done!

  1. a montage of great moments in mending – I can see this catching on. 🙂
    Well done on your first HSF too. I look forward to seeing more

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