HSF Challenges Deux and Drei

Lottie Collins, late 19th century. Lottie Collins in a burlesque of the play Monte Cristo Jr, 1886, Gaiety Theatre, London. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Lottie Collins. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

OK – I’ve finished something in less than 3 months (or years), so I am really on a roll. It just doesn’t take much, does it? Sigh.

The next two Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges are:

  • #2: Innovation – due Sat 1 Feb.  To celebrate the way inventions, introductions and discoveries have impacted fashion, make an item that reflects the newest innovations in your era.  Be sure to share the research you did on your innovation, as well as your finished item.
  • #3: Pink – due Sat 15 Feb.  Make something pink!

I already have selected my projects and have everything I need to make them, so no extra spending required. What could possibly go….uh, never mind.

HSF Challenge #2

For the Innovation Challenge I am researching the history of machine-made (aka chemical) lace. The rest is top secret.

HSF Challenge #3

For the Pink Challenge it’s gonna be a pair of French-style Edwardian drawers in a lightweight, pink-printed cotton. I have found photographs of extant examples. Very rare and hush-hush, you know.

I thought about combining the two, but I can use all of the garments I can manage to make. And I haven’t abandoned Jane…Austen Fever still burns. HSF Challenge #4 has those darned Regency Long Stays written all over it.


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