A Classy Victorian Undergarments Class

Thompson's Glove-Fitting Corset, 1900. (en.wikibooks.org)

Thompson’s Glove-Fitting Corset, 1900. (en.wikibooks.org)

I need unders. Victorian unders. And I need them by mid-March.

I reached my weight goal (whoop-whoop!) and now I have no pants that fit, tons of baggy sweaters and a Victorian corset that hangs on me even when pulled completely closed. Tragic, I know, but I think I can bear it.

I realized that, with my town’s annual Victorian Whoop-de-do approaching in March, it would be nice to have period underwear that fits. And is a bit better-made than my first attempts.

TV102 - chemise and drawers

TV102 – chemise and drawers

So I have registered for Jennifer Rosbrugh’s Victorian Undergarments class. We will be using these patterns, all copyrighted by Truly Victorian. In six weeks I’ll have everything I need except for the corset.

TV163 - Imperial tonure (bustle)

TV163 – Imperial tonure (bustle)

But now that I’ve done a first one, the next one should go a lot faster. (She says.) Doing this on top of the Historical Sew Fortnightly is probably nuts but, as history shows, I’ve never been afraid to go down that road.

TV170 - Victorian pettticoats

TV170 – Victorian petticoats

My HSF #2 project is a part of my Victorian ensemble. And, if worse comes to worse, HSF #3 will go comfortably under my petticoat(s). March can be windy and chilly up here, so I may resort to adding one of my Edwardian flannel petticoats just to stay warm.

And, speaking of HSF #2, I bet you’re wondering how it’s going. Hang tight…it’s the next post.