HSF #2: Gone and Back

Ageless Patterns #1530-2

Ageless Patterns #1530-2

I’ve been playing around with this fichu for a while now. My initial idea was to make a pretty piece to complement the V-shaped neckline of an upcoming 1870’s dress from the early bustle era. The fabric is a beautiful purple that I’ve been holding for “the right dress.”

(from reproductionfabrics.com)

(from reproductionfabrics.com)

Then I started playing around with machine laces and different trims. And played. And played. And didn’t like any of it. The white laces are too white. The ivory/cream/ecru laces are too yellow. And although the drawing seems to indicate the use of colored lace, the two-color lace I have (third from the left, white and pale lavender) looks just plain wrong. Really wrong.

purple and lace2

Fortunately, these days I listen to my inner klaxon when it screams DO NOT PROCEED: YOU DON’T LIKE THIS AND YOU WILL NEVER WEAR THIS BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE THIS. STOP. NOW. (Sometimes it takes more than gentle inner persuasion to get my attention.)

So the whole shebang has been sitting there while I waited for inspiration to strike – or the deadline to arrive. And I suddenly recalled that one of the upcoming HSF Challenges (#9) is Black and White and hey, presto – problem solved.

Realizing that I needed another “fix” before I could manage to go any further, yesterday I visited my local “dealer” (JoAnn’s) and scored on some perfect black and white laces and trims that look great together. They’ve been washed, dried and are ready to rumble.

Bonus: I have the entire weekend free…

(image from thegraphicsfairy)



8 thoughts on “HSF #2: Gone and Back

  1. Got to love black and white lace. I’m a sucker for black lace, especially bobbin one, mixed with something light. It’s sweet you had such a nice inspiration, just in time for the challenge. 🙂 Looking forward to the result.

    • Glad to meet another lover of black and white lace! I am a sucker for black and white stripes in Victorian and Edwardian fashions. Don’t know what it is, but I love the combination. The fichu is a bit more than half-done, so expect some photos later today.

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