It Takes a Village to Cause More Trouble…

Left leg, in progress

Left leg, in progress

At last…progress to report. Other than caring for self-inflicted bruises, I actually managed to get some sewing done yesterday. *happy dance*

On the plus side, this little bugger is gong together better than I’d expected, considering the “quality” of the instructions. On the minus side, my machine needs a bit of adjusting and I can’t get the thread tension balanced. It’s too loose on the bottom, but not by much. I can work with it, for now.

So, to prevent screeching to a dead stop once again, I decided to just reinforce the living daylights out of it: French seams, top-stitching, and hand-application of the inner leg (crotch edge) bias edge finish. The left leg is now done, except for hemming and lace trim, and waiting for the waistband. Here it is, pinned to my much-smaller-and-less-paded-than-I-am mannequin:

Those of you familiar with my recent adventures will already know that I only have enough fabric for one flounce. I decided that I really do want flounced legs, to keep at least fractionally true to 1904 style. I’d been mulling over what to do for the right leg.

As a result on an exchange of comments with Jennifer Rosbrugh – who devilishly suggested I should go ahead and leave one side short, which would allow me to show a bit more leg – the line of thinking rapidly devolved in my brain to “Hey! This could be the Edwardian equivalent of speed dating!” Mildly interested? Flash the long side. Downright enthusiastic? Flash the short side.

This may get me thrown out of the Historical Sew Fortnightly, but I think I’m gonna do it and submit it for Challenge #3 just for fun.

I can fuss with making it wearable later. Maybe.