HSF #3 – Make Something Pink – is finished!

copyright Daisuke Tomiasu 2003

copyright Daisuke Tomiasu 2003

Two days late, but I don’t care. All the problems with the pattern instructions, the shortage of fabric, lost sewing machine foot pedal and power cord, the storms and power outages and hand-sewing by headlamp in the dark…all of it well worth it. I love these drawers.

Title: Anachronistic Knickers

The Challenge: #3 – Make something pink!

Fabric: printed cotton

Pattern: Edwardian Rose Antique Patterns, #1904-A-002 – “Ladies’ Elegant Longer Drawers (Bloomers)”

Year: 1904

Notions: cotton thread, grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon roses for trim

How historically accurate is it? Depends on how you look at it. Pattern is 100% accurate, taken from an extant garment. Fabric is 100% cotton; however print is not of the era. Lace trim is nylon.

Hours to complete: 10 days – not able to keep track of total number of hours

First worn: not yet worn

Total cost: less than $20 for fabric; already had pattern and notions

Comments: The large, bright photo close-up of left leg satin ribbon rosette shows the fabric’s true color. This pink does not photograph well in artificial light.

After much thought and internal debate I decided to go ahead and make a full set of regular drawers, so went back and purchased enough fabric for the second leg flounce. I tried hand-made ribbon roses but I don’t have that skill down yet, so went with pre-made rosettes from my stash.

There was a major storm last night and power was out for long enough that I sewed the right leg flounce hem by hand wearing a hiker’s head lamp. To make sure the legs looked even, I sewed the left leg flounce by hand today.

I didn’t want to use nylon lace, but the cottons were just too heavy. Because the fabric is such an odd color combination – one of the herringbone stripes actually has a very pale yellow background – white laces looks too white (as you can see in the photo with the white grosgrain ribbon tie) and cream/ecru/ivory laces looks too yellow. I played with reds but it didn’t work at all. Black was the only color that was strong enough to balance out against the zing of the pinks. I was afraid it was going to look a bit “brothel-ish” but I love the end result. Hmmm…not quite sure but that means…


7 thoughts on “HSF #3 – Make Something Pink – is finished!

  1. Thank you for posting more pictures here. I like the close-up picture, it really shows the pattern which is not as obvious in other photos. Black was a great choice for the lace. I admire that you hand sewed it. Brava!

  2. They don’t say brothel-ish to me, I think maybe the print is too fun to be sexy in that sort of way. And the black does set it off well. I might have tried a dark purple, but I agree that white and cream are too weak for it. Pink would just be lost too, it has to be a strong contrast, which means dark. The lace finishes it off well, they look cool 🙂

    • Thanks! For me, it was the black lace that saved it. Up until I got to that step I wasn’t too happy with how it looked. But, since it was going underneath everything, I didn’t stress over it. The problems wth cutting and layout were taking care of that department on their own. 😉

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