Chemise – old becomes new again

2014-02-18 22.29.29

This last week’s project for the Victorian Undergarments class was a Victorian chemise. Instead of making the class pattern, though, I wanted to take an antique crocheted chemise yoke that I’ve had for about a year now and finish it off into a wearable chemise for myself.

I have a standard chemise already, but I wanted one with a bit more fabric up front between me and my corset. I studies photos of extant garments and fashion plates before deciding how to handle the design of the body. It was a one-day project that I put together yesterday and I think it will do the trick.

The fabric is 100% cotton leno from the Red Tag pile at JoAnn’s. It is very lightweight and downy-soft…feels wonderful to wear. There is no added embellishment. The crocheted yoke is also very soft cotton, having been well broken in over time. I’ll be wearing it next month at out local Victorian Heritage Festival.