A Pinteresting Sunday Afternoon



I love Pinterest. It’s my visual research resource and paperless catalog. Although I only started a few months ago, I already have thousands of pins. One Board has grown to over 30 Boards. And every time I open it up I learn something new. It’s an absolute winning argument for the internet, as far as I’m concerned.

When I started on my historical costuming adventure, I was floored every time I found a photo of an extant garment. Somehow, it had managed to survive the decades and even centuries in fabulous shape. I could scarcely believe it. I had to hang onto the photo. My favorite periods of historic fashion are the Victorian Bustle Eras and the Edwardian Era. So I started a Pinterest board that reached from 1870 to 1910, with a little leeway allowed at the ends to let me add the really standout pieces from 1869 or 1912.

Little did I know how many garments there are out there. I was looking for a specific dress the other day and realized I had nearly 2000 pins on this one Board. It’s time for some e-housekeeping. Today is snowy and grey and downright cold, so I’ve hunkered down with hot chocolate and taken up the mouse.

Over the next however many days it takes me, I’ll be taking this impossibly humongous category and breaking it down into more manageable bites. Today I’m spending some time moving the Edwardian fashions to their own Board. Deciding which cut-off date to use was hard, but I finally settled on 1901, the start of Edward’s reign, to 1914, the outbreak of WWI. Technically speaking, it should end with the death of Edward in 1910, but I felt sad for those few orphaned years that have been left floundering in between the ‘big events” and now they have a home.

I’m also culling out the fashions with plaids and stripes and moving them to those specialty Boards, too. Georgian/Regency and Civil War will remain intact, as will 1840s/1850s. That includes hats, shoes and anything else from those periods. But Victorian/Edwardian undergarments and Victorian/Edwardian shoes are going onto new Boards. As are outerwear, tea gowns and wrappers. With any luck I’ll eventually find out what I started looking for.

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  1. Total Pinterest addict here 🙂 I really ought to sort my crazy huge boards out, but I don’t want to add too many more as I hate scrolling down the list, I keep hoping they’ll bring out sub-boards like they have on their list of things they know people want.

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