HSF #4 – Under It All – is finished!

copyright Daisuke Tomiasu 2003

copyright Daisuke Tomiasu 2003

Title: A Pair of Pretty Pantalettes

The Challenge:   #4: Under it All. Make the foundations of your outfit: the things that go under it to provide the right shape and support, and to protect your fancy outer garments from sweat and grime.

Fabric: 100% cotton twin sheet with embroidered eyelet band already applied.

Year: 1800-1817 (Regency)

Notions:  white thread, white grosgrain ribbon

1800-1830 Pantalettes pattern from The Mantua Maker

The Mantua Maker

How historically accurate is it? The pattern (from The Mantua Maker) is 100% historically accurate. Use of pre-embroidered sheet is not, but it is 100% cotton – including the embroidery (no shiny nylon/poly thread; it was a high-quality sheet). Was going to 100% hand-sew, but cold weather makes for achy hands these days and I finally used the machine to French seam the inside leg seams last night.

Hours to complete: 30 minutes to pin and cut, 3 hours of hand sewing (I’m slow, but I love it.), and about 45 minutes of machine work.

First worn: not yet worn

Total cost: $2.99 for one twin-size cotton embroidered sheet at Goodwill + $0.27 tax = $3.26 total. Already had pattern, notions and supplies.

Comments: Easy-peasy project to make up for the Edwardian Drawers. Here are they are. My shop mannequin is much smaller and shorter than I am, so they look a bit disproportionate. I have layers of Early Bustle paraphernalia on my working dress form and don’t want to mess around with undressing her.


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