The Imperial Tonure (Bustle)

2014-03-05 12.29.00

As part of the Victorian Undergarments class I’m taking, we made the Truly Victorian pattern #163: 1887 Imperial Tonure. We had the option of making either the regular size bustle or the “Imperial” size, which works for the Late Bustle period of 1883-1889. Since I already have a regular size bustle, I went for the Big Mama version. It’s a fabulous pattern, easy to put together and the results are great. I used a fun fabric – definitely not period-correct – and put the boning channels on the outside. I also ran a strip of bias tape down the center back to break up the strong horizontal lines of the boning channels. It came out just as I wanted, which doesn’t always happen so I’m thrilled. I think of it as my “Stained Glass Bustle.”