A “New” Old Hangbag

2014-03-10 11.22.25

Even through I put a pocket in the underskirt of my 1870 Bustle Dress, I know I’ll want a little extra carrying capacity. Not a lot, mind you. But something that will hold a pocket pack of facial tissues, my business card case, car keys, a tube of chap stick and give me a place to stash my gloves while at tea without requiring me to root around my underskirt for access..

I discovered this lovely little bag on eBay. The seller listed it as a vintage Victorian bag at an exceedingly reasonable price, and it has just enough of a light mustiness about it to make it plausible. Rescued from an attic, the crochet work and the lining are in perfect condition. Handbags are not my strong point: I don’t know enough to be certain that this is from the Early Bustle Era. But the overall design and construction are similar enough to crocheted handbags I’ve seen in period illustrations to make it a comfortable choice for me.

I may discover I’ve made a fashion faux pas (if I have, please do let me know) but so it goes. It’s a lovely little bag and I’ll be hanging onto it, no matter when it was made.