The 1898 Ensemble – Photo

Taken outside The Bazaar Girls yarn shop.

Taken outside The Bazaar Girls yarn shop.

All in all the ensemble came out great, if I do say so myself. Sorry for the fuzzy photo – I later discovered that the lining in my antique bag was silk and not cotton (as advertised): there were shredlets on the phone’s lens. Oh, well. Had a fun day. Ran into some old friends and met a lot of people. Walked my legs off, and in heels, too. Now it’s off for the walking tours. Have photos from the fashion show and will post them soon.


3 thoughts on “The 1898 Ensemble – Photo

  1. Why, thank you! A gentleman stopped me on the street and said it seemed everyone was dressed in black and how refreshing it was to see some color. As the day went by I noticed he was right – a lot of folks dressed in black. You’d have thought it was a town funeral, for heaven’s sake. Will spread the word next year – we need to lighten up!

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