My Weekend Wow!

2013 PT Portrait

2013 PT Portrait

In all the activity and excitement of the weekend, I forgot to post Your Weekend Wow. My apologies to those of you who patiently waited for something that never came. Instead, I want to share what was my weekend wow: the Haller Fountain and Taylor Street Steps.

Downtown was where the rowdy action took place. Bars, saloons, brothels, the docks. It is said the debauchery rivaled that of San Francisco’s infamous Barbary Coast. Uptown, atop the sandstone bluff, was where the proper wives of the sea captains and merchants lived – literally above it all.

The Haller Fountain and Taylor Street Steps

The Haller Fountain (Galatea) and Taylor Street Steps

Wooden stairways had been built to connect Uptown Taylor Street with Downtown Taylor Street, but they all eventually disintegrated due to the weather. Finally, in 1906, the cement stairs we know today were poured. They were engineered to be easily negotiated by a lady in the skirts, petticoats and boots of the time. I am here to attest they did a fabulous job. I walked the entire staircase twice (2 ups and 2 downs) on Saturday in period dress and nearly twice (2 ups, 1 down) on Sunday in modern dress.

We should market it as our Victorian StairMaster.