Frustration – Update #2 – Time to put these puppies to bed for a while

Vintage_Clock_Scissors_2This is a belated entry to let you know the outcome of my conversation with Saundra about the Transitional Stays. She is very nice to speak with and her knowledge is extensive. She understood the problem and the short story is…for a DD like me it’s going to take a lot of work to get the stays to fit, let alone fit comfortably.

The pattern was developed from an extant garment that had been made for a woman with a 44-inch underbust circumference, so I assumed it would be an easy “downsize” to fit me. But Saundra explained that the original owner was not a large woman in the sense of being overweight; she was just plain large. Big boned and tall, but not overweight. And no large breasts. So goes the easy adjustment theory.

She walked me through how to do it – alterations, additional fabric for strength, perhaps using heavy tailoring lining, etc. – and shared that her DD friends had the same issues with fitting. So it sounds like it’s just inherent to the pattern – large-breasted women will need to take extra time with the muslin to get the fit right. She did bemoan the fact that it’s rare to find an extant garment made for larger women, which makes it hard for pattern-makers to know “how they did it” when it comes to things like this.

The end result is that I’m putting them aside, probably for quite a while. I still want to make them, and I do want a comfortable fit, but I don’t have that kind of time right now. I’m in the midst of mountains of legal paperwork that require my immediate attention (it’s a good thing, but time-consuming and demands accuracy), my second eye surgery is tomorrow, and I really need to finish up my Victorian hat and try to finish the Victorian corset before the Bustle Dress class starts in the middle of May.

The last 2 weeks have been crazy busy, but things will/should/might start to calm down by Tuesday night. We shall see. (A phrase I believe is begging to be made into a tattoo.)

So, the upshot of all of this is that I think my big Regency birthday weekend bash will have to wait. The Regency Long Stays from The Mantua Maker were much easier to understand and I’ll pick them back up for finishing. They’ll be done when they’re done. And then I can start making gowns.

It’s a little bit disappointing sometimes, not being SuperWoman. But, then, she had her own world of problems to deal with and mine are so much simpler.

Now, where are those darned papers and which page was I on?


10 thoughts on “Frustration – Update #2 – Time to put these puppies to bed for a while

  1. I can so relate to so many of your issues. And it is frustrating when you are told, make the underpinnings first, but it just won’t work. So about all you can do is set it aside until the right time comes along. My issues with being a Trustee after the person passed has totally thrown me off my sewing schedule where I can’t seem to get back into the groove. I’m just taking a break and waiting for the gears to fit back into place. And hopefully its not too long. I hope your gears start getting greased again soon and things work out for you.

    • When my father died, it wasn’t until after the fact that I discovered he’d made me the Trustee. We were not close, but I am the oldest of the children. I had no information. I lived in a different state. It drove me nuts and financially ran me ragged. I finally engaged an attorney for the estate and handed it all over to him. One of the best decisions I ever made.
      As for the underpinnings, I’ve decided to return to the Regency Long Stays that I originally started so long ago. I got the muslin fitted perfectly, so no reason to not finish ’em up. I’ve also decided that going with transitional styles help a lot in that the fitting leaves a bit more wiggle room than later “true” Regency styles allow. At least I think so. 🙂
      Now that the eye surgeries are over (and both successful) and the last mountain of legal paperwork muck is done, at last I can focus my time on sewing once again. Bliss!

  2. I have to smile at the rather poetic link between your thesis on ambitious personalities and the both of us sewing ourselves crazy with last minute creations. Perhaps include a discussion of the ambitious person and his/her confident ability to mentally manipulate the concept of “it’s only….” into the rest of their world? (Poorly worded, but you get the picture.) Good luck with the robe!

    • 😀 Now that is a great idea for the Master’s thesis. And the robe is 3/4 finished and, well, resting for now too. My friend will get to decide if she wants to take me along like that or if I should rather wear the old surcote over the under-robe. But thank you, 😉

  3. That sounds so much like my uni schedule right now. So I sympathize with you. And I heard that the Mantua Maker’s long stays were the go-to Regency pattern for everyone above a D cup. Wishing you the best of luck with them. 🙂 *hugs*

    • Thanks, Nessa!

      Just finished the paperwork, so that’s a huge mountain done and gone. Between the legal stuff (good, but stressful) and the eye surgery and some new medical adventure that’s been thrown my way – I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. A lot. And throwing myself a “rush” project was not wise – especially such a big one.

      I’d started the Long Stays because I’d heard the same thing, but got hung up on stupid stuff, not related to the pattern. The pattern is fab. Then I got all “ooh” and “aah” about the Regency Weekend and thought a “smaller” project would go more quickly. Ha! I crack myself up sometimes.

      I did have to play with the Long Stay gussets a little, but did get them to fit nicely without much fuss. They are patiently waiting for me at the end of my sewing table and they shall receive the attention they deserve.

      But I have learned my lesson and will complete my Victorian garments first. Then I will have one finished ensemble to wear when occasions arise. Better than having 5 or 6 unfinished outfits strewn all over the place. 😉

      • Sometimes it is good to have a long sewing table. 🙂 And while you got all excited about your Regency weekend, I got excited because the Medieval fair my friend and I usually attend together was a week later than expected. Otherwise I could not have gone with her. So, last weekend I started nailing together an Anglo-Saxon outfit and now I am rushing there, too. No good at all. The backsides of the gores I just finished look a bit, ahem, crooked. 😉 At least there are no half-done regency gowns flying around here at the moment, either.

        But congratulations you got the gussets to work. Those are always a bit taxing. Can’t wait for your Victorian hat, too. 🙂

        Wishing you the best of luck with everything (the sewing plus the life-related pile-up) while I go on rambling about ambitious personalities in my thesis and try not to botch the rest of that robe. 😉

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