The 1870’s Summer Bustle Hat is Done!

   2014-05-07 15.38.02

TaDa!! I’m not one for taking photos of myself, but for this I got over it. I am just so darned tickled about this hat. Here it is, modeled with its friend the fichu I finished earlier this year.

Decorating it was a blast, if a bit time-consuming. In addition to the black and white checked bias trim and the white netting, I used vintage flowers, leaves, berries and a button. There are sweet peas, miniature irises, a spray of white crocus, 2 kinds of leaves (iris and sweet pea) and three pink glass berries.

I found restraint difficult when it came to the flowers, but still I only used half of what I had. The others are back in Deep Millinery Storage for the next creation.

I dithered over what to do for the dark oval decoration in the center front, tried a lot of things I didn’t like and ended up buying an antique Victorian button. I think it works just fine. You can see a bit of the gathered netting I used for the underside of the brim peeking out from the back. It does a fine job of camouflaging the ripples in the brim caused by the huge downward bend.

All in all, I think I got pretty close to the original fashion plate illustration. Right now I can’t get it positioned far enough forward to get the look correct. When I buy some hair to pile on top of my head I think it will be just about right.


7 thoughts on “The 1870’s Summer Bustle Hat is Done!

  1. That hat is beautiful and just solved a problem I’ve been pondering for a set of costuming I’m currently making. You are an inspiration!

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