Late Georgian/Early Regency Dress Plans

A blog buddy of mine is working on her Regency wardrobe. *waves “hi” to Nessa* She recently posted her Regency Dress Plans, so I thought I’d so likewise and post my transitional-period dress plans. For my wardrobe I’m planning 2 day dresses, 1 round gown of slightly nicer fabric, and 1 ball gown.

#1 – The 1797 Chemise Dress (day dress)

This is the inspiration – classic transitional shape with a V-neck and elbow-length sleeves.



Pattern and fabric:

#2 – Open Robe or similar (day dress)

The inspirations:

The pattern and fabrics:

#3 – Ball Gown

The inspiration – simple shape and let the fabric do the talking:

Pattern and potential fabric – yes, it’s a “work dress” pattern, but I believe the shape and cut are correct:

#4 Basic Round Gown (day dress, but of slightly nicer fabric):

The inspiration:

Pattern and fabric – same pattern as above, same idea but I’ll make the sleeves long. I love this fabric – magenta cotton/rayon silk blend with border stripes of burnt orange and purple:

Of course, these won’t happen overnight. Nothing around here ever does. And everything is subject to change at my whim, fabric availability and financial resources. But I’m a process person, so that’s (usually) OK.


5 thoughts on “Late Georgian/Early Regency Dress Plans

  1. I always love reading about the planning of costumes, and I also love writing about mine, especially including the inspiration photos that are part of the process. Love the blue check!

    • Thanks, Valarielynn – I learn so much from seeing how others plan and put their wardrobe together…I want to share, too. I wish I could get a true color photo of the blue check, but it’s not looking like it will happen. But it is the perfect, breezy weight for summer.

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