Sunday, Part 2 – The Dresses

I wrote this on the 22nd and, for some reason, didn’t publish it…although, until this minute, I thought I had. My apologies.

The theme of Sunday’s display was “Four Seasons of Fashion: 1840’s – 1970’s.” Each dress or suit was displayed on a mannequin and there was ample space to look and peek and examine to one’s heart’s content. The grey skies didn’t get too dark, but still the photos don’t always reflect the true colors. A shame, but they were all lovely and it was such a treat to see the fabrics and construction. Here are some of my favorites.

My absolute favorite: c. 1901-1904 Two-piece pink and white silk print afternoon gown with green velvet ribbon trim.

Next up, an 1890’s two-piece lavender ball gown with under layer of silk satin and top layer of sheer chiffon with dot and stripe pattern. I was, and remain, gaga over the bodice details.

Check out the ribbon work on this c. 1929-30 taupe lace and silk dinner dress.

This little number was the group favorite…and who could argue otherwise?c. 1911-13 ivory batiste, linen and silk lace afternoon gown embellished with embroidered cut work and crochet buttons.

I could go on and on – everything was so well displayed and has been so lovingly cared for. Here’s a peek at a few of the others.

All in all, it was a fabulous day. I finally got to meet some SITU members in person, saw some beautiful clothes, gained even more appreciation for dressmakers of the past and learned a heck of a lot. Can’t beat that with a stick.



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