A Cure for the Regency Bonnet Blues

1795 - 1825 Regency Bonnet

1795 – 1825 Regency Bonnet

Before going to bed last night I looked through even more 1795 fashion plates looking for help/inspiration. On the plus side, I saw where and how to place the ribbon ties. But the sheer number of styles and variations is astounding. I want to stick with the foundation bonnet I already have, and it was difficult to find one that fit the bill, other than the one above. Which is of minimal help.

Fortunately, my plea for assistance was answered. Thumbs up for the pleated band around the base of the crown, so I’ll stick with that.

And Liz (at http://www.thepragmaticcostumer.wordpress.com) had a link to a wonderful fashion plate illustration that was exactly the type of thing I’d been looking for but could not find. (How did I miss this?!)

1795 Gallery of Fashion

1795 Gallery of Fashion

As you can see, the yellow bonnet with the  green bow is identical to mine. And I must say that decoration looks like a lot of fun. The ginormous bow is too much (in a good way). I’m not quite sure how the handkerchief-looking thing goes over the bonnet and becomes the ties, but that’s easily overcome. So I’m going to play around with it and see what happens.

I also like this look, although it’s from 1814. I like the placement of the feathers. Long feather plumes were the style in 1795, however, and these are quite short by that standard. But I’ll play with it as well.



Always experimenting, always learning. And lovin’ it.


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