All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Sew

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  William Morris, 1834-1896

I’ve spent the past week in a bout of serious de-cluttering and re-arranging spaces. As a result, things get thrown all over the place as they are re-grouped and put into their new, or former, place.

The room formerly known as “the office” is now “the Creative Space” which just happens to have a desk in it. I have better access to my cutting table and all the sewing stuff is slowly migrating to a single room.

However, the dining nook – the place where my machine resides – is serving as a temporary sorting station. So I haven’t done any sewing, either machine or hand, for at least a week.

And it’s starting to irk me just a bit. I have a number of things in progress, as usual, and I’m itching to get to them. A few more days should do the trick, then I can get back to creating and doing a better job of keeping up this blog.

See you all again…soon!