Your Weekend Whoops!

ca. 1810-1820Well I’ve been duped. Big time.

The dangers of inaccurate Pinterest information abound and I fell for this one. A reader, Liz, was kind enough to let me know that this is not a Regency gown. The original caption read “ca. 1810-1820″, but in reality it’s a 1967 design by George Halley.

No wonder it looked so different. (Duh!)

My apologies – I will attempt more thorough verification in the future. But I am leaving this post up for educational purposes.


4 thoughts on “Your Weekend Whoops!

  1. LOL! I actually found out about this one the same way. I found it on Pinterest and clicked on it for more info only to discover that the museum page said 1967. I don’t really know when/how the mislabel got started, but it’s been at least a year. The Ornamented Being posted a rant about it not long after. I think it’s so unique that people keep wistfully reposting it. Even as a 1960s piece, it’s quite stunning.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, I’ve edited my pin of it, but it has already been been repinned so perpetuating the error 😦 I don’t know if repins get edited when the original is edited, I suspect not. Oh well, something else is wrong on the internet! 🙂

  3. You’re not the first! I remember seeing a post about the exact same dress a year or so ago. It really does bear many similarities to Regency gowns, except I have the feeling that any woman wearing it would have been looked at askance!

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