Your Weekend Wow!

victblckallbeadvinbustlxx-8I think Oscar Wilde accurately summed up the later Victorian years in his phrase: “Nothing succeeds like excess.” Assuming, of course, one had the finances to do so.

This week we have a c. 1879 (I promise) Virolleau & Canivet (Paris) Navy-hued Black Velvet Beaded Bustle Gown. Make that “insanely-beaded.” Not a lot of color, but Holy Cow! The amount of hand-work is astounding.

And, once again, I can’t help but imagine how stunning it would have looked under candlelight.

One of the photos below shows the deep blue undertone of the black velvet. I recently learned that at the time, one could not get a pure black velvet – “black” always had undertones of either dark sapphire blue or deep bottle green.

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