The Regency Long Stays – progress at last!

A three-layer Regency treat.

A three-layer Regency treat.

Well, I met my goal of getting all of the layers for the long stays together by today and I am tickled pink.

The outside (fashion) fabric is a subtle print in neutral tones. There is ample evidence that stays were made in a range of colors, but I couldn’t reconcile putting in all the effort to make colored stays that might show through the semi-sheer or sheer fabrics. Nor did I want plain white or plain beige. So I went with this cotton print.

I may be hung from the yardarm by purists, but that’s their problem.

After a brief pause for a bit of mental fabric origami, to make sure I had all the layers in the correct order with the correct sides facing the correct direction, I sewed the center back edges together and turned the stays right side out. And it looks like all the seams and gussets match! Score one for the home team.

Now it’s time to hand-baste around the top edge of the stays to secure the layers. Then I’ll be hand-tacking all the seams and gussets in place along the lower edge.

I may actually be able to start making a Regency gown before the end of the year. Yay!