A Little Celebration – and a Big Thank You!

Sometime in the last couple of days the cumulative number of visits to this little blog passed 10,000. As I write this the exact number is 10,132. Granted, that is since the very first post a little over a year ago. Regardless, never would I have thought this possible.

After all, as you all know by now, I do have my issues and problems with this whole business of re-creating historical dress.

And that’s one of the reasons I started this blog.

I was reading lots of other blogs written by people who where doing the same thing. The difference is they were brilliantly succeeding in their efforts. In the mean time, I was often left wondering – how was that particular seam executed?, why do (whatever) that way?, how on earth did they get it to lay so flat? and why did they manage to knock it out in 2 hours while I’ve been working on it for 2 weeks? A single sentence fragment, like “Next, I cartridge pleated the skirt…”, left me flummoxed.

I wanted to know that someone out there was struggling, like me, to understand this whole topic and learn how to do it. So I went in search of a blog that did, and in a style that worked for me. I didn’t find one, so I started one myself. I’m willing to lay open my foibles, quirks, and problems if it will help someone else overcome the same problem I’ve encountered.

Some of the posts are, in essence, a “don’t let this happen to you” lesson. I may be a tad embarrassed about it now and then, but I’m more than willing to share.

So thanks to everyone who has stopped by and especially those who continue to visit. You make my day!