Let the Pounding Begin

Just thinking about this hurts.

Just thinking about this hurts.

I feel like things are really starting to move forward. I ordered the bones yesterday and finished hand sewing the bias binding for the lower edge of the stays.

Now that the busk and boning channels are in place the stays aren’t floppy anymore. So this morning I did a quick “hold them up (no pun intended) and see how they look.” I think they will fit, but I won’t believe it until I’m wearing them. Just call me an optimistic pessimist. (Or pessimistic optimist?)

My only concern is the bust gussets. Perhaps they should be a bit larger but, since the style is all about popping up and out, I’m hoping they’ll be fine. And I always have the drawstring around the neck of the chemise for “containment.” I did order two extra bones just in case I decide to run one down between each pair of gussets for additional support.

This morning I also ordered some cotton organdy to make a couple of caps, since the first attempt with JoAnn cotton bombed big time. Too heavy and too limp. Live and learn.

That leaves me with a few days to work on the eyelets. I dread this part because it’s so hard on my hands. It really is painful, so I have to do just a couple at a time. To make setting the little devils easier, I hope to get a hand press fairly soon – the kind with an arm that you pull down, not the “pliers” type. That would speed things up and save me a lot of discomfort, both of which are excellent reasons to acquire one.

So, off I go to whack the little beasties into place. Sigh. I’ve got some Tylenol around here somewhere…..


2 thoughts on “Let the Pounding Begin

  1. Condolences. I’ve put off making another corset of any type because of the pain in grommeting. I’m threatening to stitch on those pre-grommeted strips, assuming that I can remember what they’re called, and where to find them. 😉

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