Inspiration or Insanity?

The dress that Madame Bartholomé wore for the sitting of the painting Dans la serre (1881) by Albert Bartholomé.The Natural Form Era never excited me very much until recently. I can’t remember what tipped the scales in its favor, but I think it was this: the dress that Madame Bartholomé wore for the sitting of the painting Dans la serre (1881) by Albert Bartholomé. I’ve loved that painting for eons and adored the dress. That was long before historical sewing entered my life, and I think it’s a flame that’s been smoldering for quite a while. Then I found photos of the actual dress and began to see the fashion of that period in an entirely new light.

Simple lines are the most difficult to get right. A poor fit declares itself without mercy. It’s a big technical challenge for me. So, of course, I’ve found three that I want to reproduce when my skills have improved. (Practice,  practice, practice!) I’ve gone absolutely bananas over the center dress…and it looks to me like the most difficult of the three. No surprises there, huh?

I’m hoping to get one of them completed for Costume College next year. Oh boy – there is so much to learn between now and then.

But first I’m finishing the Regency outfits. (Come on, UPS!) And the Early Bustle Era dresses – at least one – next. As I said, practice!

Next post is an update on the Regency projects, so stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration or Insanity?

  1. I love the purple dress, but you’re right, it would be the most difficult. The shirred dress will be the easiest to fit. And shirring looks soooooooo much harder to do than it really is. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, I’m most definitely going to tackle the shirred dress first. Gathering, ruching and shirring aren’t technically difficult and I rarely have trouble with them. But I need a lot more experience (and knowledge) to be ready for Ms. Purple. 🙂

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