New Tools and the Start of a New Chemise

Making holes in the long stays for grommets is a drag with my itty bitty antique awl. I went to the hardware store (the only hardware store) and the two awls they have are not much larger than mine. So I did what I do best – wander up and down the aisles to see what alternatives are available. When it comes to problem solving, outside the box is my kinda place.

I love hardware stores!

I love hardware stores!

I ended up getting two countersink punches, of all things. The attractions are 1) they are metal and will last forever, 2) the handle is beveled so it’s easy to grasp while twisting it, and 3) they are tapered to make a smooth transition from itty bitty hole to grommet-size hole. The disappearing ink marker is there because the diameter of the barrel is the same as that of the grommets I ordered. So it’s a four-step process, but at the end I know the grommet will easily fit.

I made two additional grommet holes with them yesterday – they work really well and put a lot less strain on my wrists and hands. Not completely painless, but much improved.

I’ve also cut out the new Regency chemise – the one with a low neckline. And I have an entire spool of white grosgrain ribbon awaiting its appointed hour.

Happily, I had enough lovely lightweight cotton in the stash.

Unhappily, I can’t find the pattern instruction pages for the chemise.

I only have the first step: stitch straps to front, trim seam allowance and flat fell the seams. That won’t get me too far. So, I’m going to use the high-neck chemise I made earlier to figure it out. I’ve got the gusset thing down now, so not expecting any problems there. But I do recall there was one step that wasn’t intuitively obvious to me.

No worries – I’m sure I’ll find it.