Experience makes all the Difference

As some you may recall, my first Regency chemise was a bit of an…adventure. I almost got the shoulder straps reversed. The gussets played “stump the dummy” with my brain. The sleeves ended up all wonky. I faked flat-felled seams. 100% hand sewn. And it took me months instead of days.

I am delighted to report that the situation has changed with chemise #2. One significant change, besides actually knowing what I’m doing, is using the sewing machine for the “inside” work and doing all the “outside” work by hand.

I adore working with this fabric. Judging from the ink scribbles along the selvage edge I’d say it came through China at least once. I bought it off the sale table at JoAnn’s and, now that I’ve used it a couple of times, I wish I’d gotten the whole thing.

It’s cotton. Sheer, but not too sheer. Lightweight, but no so much that it drifts all over the place while sewing. And the lengthwise grain is incredibly sturdy…no stretch at all. It washes up well and sews like a dream. Plus I love the weave: chevron on the outside and smooth on the inside.

Yeah, I like it. A lot.

The 100% best thing about it, though, is it’s lovely for hand sewing. Thread glides through and the stitches are just about invisible. And I am making proper flat-felled seams this time. What a difference!

Right side seams:

Wrong side seams:

Inside (wrong side) seams

Inside (wrong side) seams

So, this chemise is looking much better than the first.

Today it’s the gussets and side seams, which I know I’ll finish. That just leaves the neckline and the hem, then done!



2 thoughts on “Experience makes all the Difference

  1. I empathise. I got so muddled putting in the underarm gusset. Need to do tackle these things when feeling calm and relaxed.

    • Calm and relaxed – yes indeed!! It’s hard for me to remember underarm gussets when I only do them once in a blue moon. If I sat down and made five or six chemises in a row I’d probably drill it into my memory…but that’s not likely to happen. 😉

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