The Low Neckline Regency Chemise is Finished!

copyright Daisuke Tomiasu 2003

copyright Daisuke Tomiasu 2003

I’m a member of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (Seattle) – SITU – which is a costuming group. The members participate in a wide range from historical reproductions to fantasy to steampunk to…just about everything. A very interesting group.

Yesterday I indulged in the sewing circle get together. I say “indulgence” because it takes 2 1/2 hours to get there, 3 hours of sewing/visiting/learning/funfunfun, and 2 1/2 hours to get home. But every minute is well worth it – they’re a great bunch and have a ton of knowledge that they are happy to share.

And I finished my low-neck Regency chemise, to boot. I’m really pleased with the gussets and the fit. And the neckline is definitely low. Here’s my lovely baby:

The hem isn’t perfectly even. I didn’t bother with minute precision because, if nothing goes wrong (or everything goes wrong, depending on your perspective) it will stay under the petticoat and no on will see it.

Now it’s off to make as many grommet holes as my hands can stand. I can probably manage 3 a day, so it’s slow going but I’ll get there.


4 thoughts on “The Low Neckline Regency Chemise is Finished!

  1. This was a chemise-making weekend. I sewed up (cut out earlier) four on my assembly line method. I love having sewing groups. It helps so much to get something fitted, or to figure out something you don’t understand. I really need to get a group going again.

    • I love sewing circles. I get so much more done when I’m not at home and focused on the task(s) at hand. Hopefully we can hold one a month. And congrats on finishing four (!!!) chemises. Well done.

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