Regency Long Stays – the home stretch.

My internet has been down for nearly 4 days and I’ve been held incommunicado with most of the world. But it’s running again, so time to catch things up.

2014-08-19 18.15.19The left back has all its grommets in place. I started on the right back today and all is going well. I padded the wooden busk and tucked it nicely into its pocket.  Next I sewed on just under half of the bias binding on the upper edge. The first strap went better than I thought it would, so a bonus there. Then I put the grommets in for the right front and right shoulder strap.

So all I need to do is put in the remaining grommets along the right back, the left front and the left shoulder strap. Then I’ll put it on to check the bust support. I have two extra spiral bones in case I need to add one between each pair of bust gussets.

After that the only thing left is to finish up the bias binding and it’s done.

Definitely on the home stretch – WooHoo!


2 thoughts on “Regency Long Stays – the home stretch.

    • The internet – I both love and loathe it. I take a “media technology break” at least once a week…no TV, no e-mail, no radio, no internet, no phone (barring emergencies). Just heavenly peace and quiet. Now I understand the people of my grandparent’s generation who complained about all the noisy “newfangled contraptions.” Egads – I’ve become one of them! 😉

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