The Regency Morning Dress is Chosen

The feedback is unanimous. I’ll be attending Breakfast with the Bennets in:

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts 1813 Morning or Domestic Costume

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts 1813 Morning or Domestic Costume

I have some ideas for the Van Dyke edging. It appears to be a single piece that is applied over the base fabric, self-edged, then embellished just a bit at the tip of the points. I’ve tried bias edging points like this before and it was not fun. But these points are larger so, hopefully, not quite as daunting. We shall see.

Today, I’ll be rummaging through the historical pattern stash and the contemporary pattern stash and see what I already have to work with. I have the under dress pattern, so that starts with a fitting muslin (of which I have a small mountain).

Shopping for suitable white fabric happens tomorrow.

And I have coupons. 😉


2 thoughts on “The Regency Morning Dress is Chosen

  1. Yay for the layered look! 😉

    Do you have the description for this dress? The vandykes may not be separate; they might be a cord couched directly onto the fabric, except at the collar. That would be sooooo much easier.
    Otherwise, they might be a bias-bound flounce-like trim. The embellishment you mention could be just the mitered corners of the binding.

    But I go for the couched cord because the upstanding vandykes at the bottom hem don’t flop down at all. A flounce would need to have all its points sewn down, which rather defeats the point. (Pun not intended.) 😀

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have a description for the dress…yet. I want to see if I can find it in some Ackerman’s references. It’s hard to tell what’s going on with the points – if you look at the collar, they seem to remain on the dress at the tip and, as you mentioned something has to be holding them up at the hem. I already have an idea of how to handle that with something both fun and appropriate. I wish the bottom corner wasn’t so faint – I’d like to see the detail. It will be interesting to see what info I can unearth. However, if I can’t find anything and I can’t see clearly how it was done neither can anyone else so I have some leeway to “interpret” it as best I can. 😉

      Besides, anyone who runs up to me, whips out a copy of the fashion plate, and launches off on a critical comparison is just plain mental.

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