Details Located for the Regency Morning Dress

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts 1813 Morning or Domestic Costume

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts 1813 Morning or Domestic Costume

After looking hither and yon, I found the gown in the online Ackermann’s archives. And about two milliseconds later I remembered that I have “Fashions in the Era of Jane Austen”, by Jody Gayle – a compendium of fashion plates from Ackermann’s Repository of Arts from January 1809 to December 1820. And right there on August 1813 is the Morning or Domestic Costume.

Here’s the original description:


So the two most important take-home messages are:

  • two pieces, a petticoat and a three-quartered pelisse.
  • lemon-colored with the Van Dyke border in a deeper shade

I’ll just say this – lemon is not going to happen. Pale or otherwise. I’ll look as if I’m originally from 1813, come back from the dead for a hearty breakfast – not exactly palatable.

Here’s the plan as it stands today, subject to my whim, folly and technical abilities:

  • I want to do the petticoat in white.
  • The 3/4 pelisse will be in white as well, probably of the same fabric.
  • The ribbon around the waist will be a middle-of-the-road pink, not too dark and not too light.
  • The Van Dyke points will be pale pink. I’m not usually a pastel person, so this is a toughie…I may try a nice green, or chicken out completely and go with a never-fails-me blue.

I’m a tad confused when it comes to “confined at the waist with a broad gold elastic bracelet” so it’s more research for me.

As for the “bunch of variegated carnations placed on the upper left side” of the cap, I’m gonna have to play with that a while.


2 thoughts on “Details Located for the Regency Morning Dress

  1. Hooray for finding the description! If nothing else, “lemon-colored” proves it doesn’t need to be white. Go for any color you love! 🙂

    I suspect that “confined at the waist” is a typo for “wrist”. The typesetter may not have been able to read the reporter’s handwriting.

    • I wondered if it might be a typo, but I can read that section two ways – about the wrist and about the waist. As for the white, now that I’ve talked myself into it I think I’ll stick with it just to make the challenge more challenging. 🙂

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