Costume College 2015 – Events Flyer

Rebecca Howard, the Dean for next year’s Costume College, has been kind enough to forward a copy of the 2015 flyer for me to share:

2015 flyer color


So…What’s Happening with the Regency Morning Dress?

Ladies in their morning gowns at breakfast. Heideloff, 1794.

Ladies in their morning gowns at breakfast. Heideloff, 1794.

You might be wondering what, in the midst of this 18th century fervor, has been going on with the Regency Morning Dress for CoCo 2015’s Breakfast with the Bennets. The truth is, not much. Altering the muslin was a breeze, but our sewing circle doesn’t meet until later this month. As a result, it’s been sitting in the corner, pouting.

And then…great news! Somewhere in Time, Unlimited – Seattle, my local historical costuming group, is holding an all-day Regency Round Gown workshop on November 8th. I’ve signed up and bought the ticket. So between the further adjustments at this month’s sewing circle and the November workshop, I’ll have lots of fitting help, lots of sewing time and should end up with both a 1795 morning gown and a 1812 round gown.

I love it when thing come together like this.