18th Century Garters – Best Pair Ever

“La jarretière détachée” – The Detached Garter, 1724. Jean-François de Troy (1679-1752)

At some time in the (likely) distant future I will need a pair of garters to secure my lovely, clocked white silk stockings (which I will own sometime in the distant future).

I only bring this up now because I’ve recently found what I consider to be the perfect extant garters to reproduce. It’s not so much the embroidery itself that makes these winners – it’s the message stitched on them. They are, of course, French.

extant 18th century garters that say 'halta la, on ne passe pas' (stop here, you can go no further)

The top one is embroidered with “halte la”, and the other one says “on ne passe pas.”

The message: “Stop here, you can go no further.”

(To see a mouth-watering selection of 18th century garters click here.)


2 thoughts on “18th Century Garters – Best Pair Ever

    • Aren’t they wonderful? I loved them the minute I saw them. There are extant garters that were better made, with nicer embroidery and more complex messages. But this pair is still the winner and I doubt I will find anything that beats them.

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