The Joys of Aging

Note to self: Next time you take on a “I’ll just whip this _____ up quickly” kind of project you really must take into consideration the fact that you’re not 30 (or 40 or 50) anymore.


I’ve been doing more writing than usual lately and more hand-sewing, as well. And now I have epicondylitis, also known as “tennis elbow”, in my left elbow. The tendon is inflamed and bending or extending my left arm is murderously painful because the tendon has to slide to make those actions happen. It’s so inflamed it feels kinda like dragging sandpaper over your lip – the inside of your lip – back and forth. Ouch! (I was going to put up an anatomical diagram to show what’s going on, then remembered not everyone shares my interest in what’s under the skin.)

Having to keep my left arm pretty straight most of the time makes the sewing difficult. Not impossible, just difficult. I’m still working on the short gown, although I may attend this upcoming event with my arm in a sling. Which, now that I think of it, would lend credence to the “gathering of rebels” theme. Maybe I’ll smudge it up a bit to make it look as if I’d been in a skirmish with the Royalists.

"Captain Molly" Corbin (Nov 12, 1751 – Jan 16, 1800)

“Captain Molly” Corbin (Nov 12, 1751 – Jan 16, 1800)

Progress report upcoming, when the ice and anti-inflammatory (aspirin) and rest have had the chance to tone my cranky tendon down a bit.

And now I gotta go fetch another ice pack…