Your Weekend Wow!

vintage Butterfly Pumpkin Crate Label

Halloween is on its way, preceded (unfortunately) by the mountain of commercial knick-knacks that have become associated with it. So rather than resorting to plastic glow-in-the-dark pumpkin necklaces, consider turning to a more fashionable statement in the holiday’s favorite color. It’s often said it is the hardest color to wear well and it’s truly not for everyone (including me). But it’s been around for a long time, it certainly has its fans and it’s a knockout when done well.

200 years of orange, from the 1740’s to the 1940’s.


3 thoughts on “Your Weekend Wow!

  1. I love orange and have done three dresses so far in various shades of it. I love the first bodice photo with the pleated vestee and embroidery. I’ve been wanting to try something different with the French Vest or Alexandra pattern lately.

    • I love seeing orange on people who can really wear it well. I used to work with a woman who dressed in bright oranges, lemon yellows, vibrant greens and looked spectacular. I sat next to her and as soon as she sat down I faded into a pale blob by comparison. But I did get to enjoy those “forbidden” colors, if only vicariously.

      I have a pair of orange heeled sandals that I wear with jeans – that’s what it takes to ensure orange is far enough away from my face. I’m so glad you can love it and have fun with it. (Only a little jealous here.) 😉

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