Regency Gown Workshop and a Great Fabric Info Link

It’s time to shift gears and head back to Regency fashions. Flipping back and forth through the centuries like this can make my head spin, but it also makes for variety.

This coming Saturday, I will be attending a SITU-University Round Gown Workshop. Somewhere in Time Unlimited – Seattle is a great costuming group and our members’ interests cover all aspect of costuming genres. The University meetings are instructional and cover a range of needs and interests. And they’re always great fun.

Nora Azevedo in her Regency Round Gown pattern. (Oregon Regency Society)

Nora Azevedo in her Regency Round Gown pattern. (Oregon Regency Society)

On Saturday we will have Nora Azevedo, from the Oregon Regency Society spend a day teaching us the ins and outs of making a Regency gown using a pattern she’s developed. Just the tutorial I need! The instructions are to bring you Regency undies (so we will be dressed for proper fitting) and at least 5 yards of 45″ fabric.

As for determining which fabric, I found a fabulous resource. The Oregon Regency Society has a Northwest Chapter and I’m a member. The latest entry in the chapter’s blog is “Telling your Regency story with colour (sic) and fabric.” It covers colors, tones, prints – the works.

Best of all, it is chock full of visual examples: color palettes and prints and all sorts of visual references. No more wondering what “vibrant rose” or “muted greens” mean – you can actually see the color. Not only is the range of colors is much larger than I’d imagined, it contains some colors I love but thought were excluded. Yay!

The elbow is still pretty achy at times, but this is an opportunity I don’t want to pass up. (Note to self: throw some aspirin in the bag, too.) Photos and report to follow.

PS – My 18th century outfit hasn’t been put aside. I just need to go slow because my elbow hates staying tightly bent and pretty stationary while I do the handwork.


4 thoughts on “Regency Gown Workshop and a Great Fabric Info Link

  1. I sure wish we had some sewing workshops for just a particular dress that we’re all working on. I do attend a sewing workshop occasionally put on by a CW instructor (Shelley Peters) but everyone is working on something different except maybe a few all working on a corset. I often bring whatever I’m working on (Not CW) just to have company and some help when I need it. But its not the same. I hope your gown comes out as lovely as you want it. I’m sure it will.

    • Up to now all of the sewing circles and whatnot I’ve attended have been “bring whatever you’re working on.” This will be the first one I’ve attended that’s dedicated to the same project, using the same pattern. SITU-Seattle is having a big bash in February to celebrate the end of the War of 1812 and a cry went out from the membership for help with Regency gowns, which is how this particular workshop came to be.

      It will be interesting to see how it goes. The blurb said ‘at the end you’ll have a Regency gown that’s essentially finished.’ It’s a 6-hour class, which includes each of us drafting a custom-fitted pattern, so the gown may indeed by close to finished. I’ll find out tomorrow! Still have to choose which fabrics to use, though…;-)

    • I’m sure it will be a blast and there’ll be lots of photos to post. Just got the official materials list and map this morning…it’s being held in a major fabric store’s classroom. I hope I can keep temptations at bay…

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