Fabrics for Tomorrow’s Regency Round Gown Workshop

"A vintage-y fabric stash" - found on Pinterest.

“A vintage-y fabric stash” – found on Pinterest.

Yesterday I started pulling potential fabrics for the workshop from my stash and discovered I’ve somehow managed to amass quite a selection. Far more than I’d kept track of…even the “dreaded” whites. In a way, though, I’m glad because now that I’ll have a pattern that’s drawn to fit me I can put together a few round gowns together in a more timely manner. Time will tell.

I’m also glad I this now because I’ve forgotten to pre-wash four of the them, plus each of the fabrics needs ironing (the whites are especially crinkly, despite a low temp dry). Guess how I’ll be spending this afternoon.

Here are the candidates to go into the project bag:

The Prints

You’ll remember these from before – I still can’t decide whether to make a solid gown with print overdress or a print gown with a solid overdress. But there will lots of people around, including the instructor, so I’ll take a vote and see which wins. And feel free to weigh in with your preference.

2014-04-14 18.03.38

In reality, they are no way near this bright. The print is a late 17th century-ish design cotton, the background is an ivory/cream – a bit of a gamble since yellow and I don’t work well together – but there is enough reds and pinks to outweigh the draining effect. The solid is a cranberry/merlot cotton lawn, greyed down just enough to fit the period.

And there is my very favorite soft blue “homespun”, although not quite that coarse, gingham check.

Lightweight woven cotton check

Lightweight woven cotton check

And there’s also a lightweight blue on white semi-sheer plaid that’s been lurking around for a while.

Dark Navy and Light Blue plaid on white

The Whites

These may also look familiar. Despite my aversion to solid white – it’s everywhere – it’s what was done so who am I to hold a grudge against it? They are  both cotton. The one with plain stripes irons out really stiff (hoping to get some tips about that) and the woven stripe is fab (but it’s loose enough that it may show a tendency to ravel if looked at crossways).

The Colors

I have more of these than I thought. Every time Denver Fabrics had a sale on their cotton lawn I bought a chunk. It’s gorgeous stuff and washes up brilliantly with just the right amount of sheerness in a solid color. I have Cherry Red, Cranberry Red, Forest Green and deep Marine Blue. Unfortunately, attempts at photographing the colors didn’t work: it’s quite grey outside and the artificial light skews them: the blue photographs as green.

The Cherry Red is pretty but bright and I want to show it to Nora Azevedo to get her take on it. I love the Marine Blue and I think it’s safe color-wise, but I’m bringing it to show her as well. The Cranberry Red and Forest Green are perfect colors.

Altogether, that makes enough for ten – ten! – gowns and/or dress/overdresses ensembles. But I don’t want to use them all for a single round gown style…I still like these others. So hard to choose!