Regency Round Gown Workshop Follow-up

I woke up today with a terrible cold, so I’ll keep this short. The class was held at a huge JoAnn’s and they were having a big sale so the store was really hopping. But we were tucked away in the back classrooms and escaped the general commotion.

The workshop was wonderful and Nora Azevedo is a fabulous teacher. Everyone had a great time. There was lots of chit-chat, laughing, sharing of tips and tricks and before long the sewing machines were humming away.

On top of instruction, problem solving, helping with fitting, and generally providing a whopping dose of good humor, Nora also make a round gown for herself…and finished it! Except for hemming, that is.

And instead of a gathered back, she made three box pleats, with one in the center back, which created a “Watteau” look and gave the gown a neat form of movement.

It was fun to see what everyone else was making. There was lots of color and a couple of lovely embroidered whites. Someone was using a border print fabric. We all used the same pattern and each of us got a different looking gown. That’s a pattern that really works. Thank you, Nora!

So, you may ask, what did I do?

2014-01-28 12.42.15 (1)After wading through all the fabric choices, at the last minute I grabbed something completely different before heading out the door.

Remember this? It’s the blue fig leaves on a soft white background with brown flowers from a fabric line called Colonies Pinks and Blues II. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the maker. Anyway, it’s now a nearly-finished 1775-style round gown. I’m so glad I chose the patterned fabric…it really worked.

I got as far as assembling the bodice, sewing the sleeve seams and sewing the skirt seams. So the gown is currently in three pieces. I stopped at that point because 1) I was getting tired, 2) I want to do some handwork on the bodice before attaching the skirt, and 3) I forgot to sew three panels for the skirt so I need to pick out a long french seam and add the third panel so it won’t look so wimpy.

I intended to finish it up today, but the stupid cold has me knocked flat. The gown is looking fab and I can’t wait to share the finished product.

Now I’m going to make some hot tea and lie down.