Upright and Well-Chilled.

Things are much better on this side of the sunshine…I’m feeling pretty perky after some good sleep. Bonus – my elbow feels pretty darned good, too.

We’re in the midst of another front blowing through. Literally. The sky is clear in a beautiful blue that escapes description. However, it’s filled with gusts of snow that look like puffs of tiny, sparkling diamonds. The current weather report notes 32 degrees (F) with winds at 10 mph. Ha! Where I’m sitting it’s 30 degrees and the winds are running about 20 mph with gusts of about 40 mph. So when all of those beautiful, glittering bursts of snow hit your face it feels like thousands of sharp needles.

The hard-core shoppers will be severely disappointed – there are only two roads out of here and they are both closed due to a lot of downed trees (we’re talking big pines, firs and cedars) and dangerous conditions. You’ve seen official warnings along the lines of “don’t drive unless you have to”, right? Today it’s just plain “don’t drive.”

Aha – they just updated the weather report: wind chill is 20 degrees (F). That’s more like it. I was going to go out and take a photo of the laterally blowing snow. Change of plans. I’m staying indoors. (Although my front room is 55 degrees, that’s a whole lot better than 20.)

Sophie - going deep

Sophie – going deep

Sophie has her game plan on…1) wriggle yourself deep into a crevasse between the back of the sofa, the sofa blanket and the pillows, 2) snooze, and 3) repeat as desired.

Looks like there will be sewing today after all. As long as the hot chocolate holds out, that is. And the electricity.


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