Raindrops. Lots and Lots of Raindrops.

I didn’t go out for the twill tape today. We’re in the midst of a 4-day stretch of insane weather: heavy rains + high winds + regional flooding (not in my area, thank goodness).

Forest and tall trees line all of the roads to “civilization.” The ground is getting soaked and the winds are ridiculous. I’m not driving anywhere near high trees for the next few days so that limits my options. We’re supposed to get a bit of a break tomorrow, so we’ll see how lucky I’m feeling then.

But the power’s back on, so I can’t really complain.

I made phone calls, but no luck. All I want is the good, old-fashioned cotton twill tape but it seems all I can find is thin, nasty polyester “twill” tape. I resorted to using it on the 17th century quilted petticoat – it was icky to work with and I swore I’d never touch the stuff again. Period.

This evening I’ll see what I can find online. Considering the gasoline and mileage, the shipping would probably be well worth it.

Vintage image of Brush Mail Truck from brushauto.net.

Brush Mail Truck – brushauto.net.