I May be Offline a While…



Just an FYI – There is another storm blowing in as I write. Big rains, again. Winds are predicted to reach 75 mph – Category I hurricanes are 74 mph. Yeah, that’s sustained velocity at the center but still. Stocked up on a few supplies. Lanterns and flashlights and headlamp (and fresh batteries) assembled. Ready to ride this thing out.

I only mention it because yesterday, with lighter winds and less rain, I lost power and my ISP was down for hours. So, if things get as crazy as the weather people think, it may be a while before I’m back online.

See ‘ya on the other side (of the front, that is).


4 thoughts on “I May be Offline a While…

    • We are up to “here” with rain and the ground is way too wet, hence the trees falling down. If I could direct the jet stream I’d certainly point it in your direction for a while. 😉

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