The HSM 2015 Challenges Have Arrived!

Of course, as soon as I write that I don’t know what all of the HSM 2015 challenges are, I check the site and – boom! – they went up last night. The Dreamstress has given us a great assortment of challenges although, in truth, just about anything I choose to do can qualify as a “June” project. Here they are, just as she’s written them:

January – Foundations: make something that is the foundation of a period outfit.

February – Colour Challenge Blue: Make an item that features blue, in any shade from azure to zaffre.

MarchStashbusting: Make something using only fabric, patterns, trims & notions that you already have in stash.

April – War & Peace: the extremes of conflict and long periods of peacetime both influence what people wear.  Make something that shows the effects of war, or of extended peace.

MayPracticality:  Fancy party frocks are all very well, but everyone, even princesses, sometimes needs a practical garment that you can DO things in.  Create the jeans-and-T-Shirt-get-the-house-clean-and-garden-sorted outfit of your chosen period.

June – Out of Your Comfort Zone: Create a garment from a time period you haven’t done before, or that uses a new skill or technique that you’ve never tried before. 

July – Accessorize: The final touch of the right accessory creates the perfect period look.  Bring an outfit together by creating an accessory to go with your historical wardrobe.

August – Heirlooms & Heritage: Re-create a garment one of your ancestors wore or would have worn, or use an heirloom sewing supply to create a new heirloom to pass down to the next generations.

SeptemberColour Challenge Brown: it’s not the most exciting colour by modern standards, but brown has been one of the most common, and popular, colours throughout history. Make something brown.

October – Sewing Secrets: Hide something in your sewing, whether it is an almost invisible mend, a secret pocket, a false fastening or front, or a concealed message (such as a political or moral allegiance).

NovemberSilver Screen: Be inspired by period fashions as shown onscreen (film or TV), and recreate your favourite historical costume as a historically accurate period piece.

DecemberRe-Do:  It’s the last challenge of the year, so let’s keep things simple by re-doing any of the previous 11 challenges.


2 thoughts on “The HSM 2015 Challenges Have Arrived!

  1. I made a chart for myself – listed out all of the projects (thus far) on my wish-list, and then tried to line them up with the challenge themes. With “only” 12 instead of 24 I have a lot left over, but I generally have tried to approach them as elements of a costume instead of complete costumes, which fits my level of chaos-tolerance a lot better. Still though, I have a number of wish-list items leftover, and a few empty slots… September and November (Brown & Silver Screen) for starters… I don’t wear much brown, and I can’t think of anything off of the top of my head to inspire me from movies… At least not yet..

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